Patty Waters to perform at London's Cafe Oto

15 heures 13 minutes ago

The free jazz vocalist takes up her two day Dalston residency in December

The Iowa born vocalist Patty Waters, who was famously discovered by Albert Ayler in 1960s New York, will make a rare UK appearance in December, when she takes up a two day residency at London’s Cafe Oto. Ayler introduced her to ESP-Disk's Bernard Stollman, who went on to release two Patty Waters albums, Sings (1965) and College Tour (1966). After she gave birth to her son in 1969, Waters moved to California and didn't return to music (barring a few sporadic performances) until her 1996 album Love Songs (Jazz Focus). In 2004 she released a collection of previously unissued recordings made between 1962–79 called You Thrill Me: A Musical Odyssey. Since then she has performed live a few times, notably in 2006 when she toured with Henry Grimes.

The London residency will run from 6–7 December. Tickets are on sale now to Cafe Oto’s members, and will be available to the general public from 11am on 23 August.

Listen to Patty Waters's version of the song “Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair”.

Berlin debates the changing face of hype in the digital age

19 heures 44 minutes ago

Berlin's Pop-Kultur festival will host a Peeled Off, Overseen And Thrown Away talk to accompany an exhibition about the importance and possible demise of hype stickers

This week, Berlin's Pop-Kultur festival stages an exhibition and accompanying panel discussion about the promo stickers plastered on records and CDs. Though they've become less visible in the digital consumer era, they’re arguably on a comeback given the vinyl renaissance. The exhibition and panel will focus on the importance of the sticker as a sometimes essential element of the design of the finished product.

Curated by Tim Tetzner, the Sticker Removals: The Visual Anthropology Of The Hype Sticker exhibition will look at the design work of Ata Macias, Ektro Records, Lo Recordings, Non-Format, Rune Grammofon, Tom Backström, Warp Records and other imprints. And Tetzner is also the moderator of the panel, called Peeled Off, Overseen And Thrown Away – The Hype Sticker’s Changing Relevance In The Light Of Digitisation, which will discuss the importance of these tiny, sticky marketing tools. Also on the panel is Toby Cornish from the Berlin design agency Jutojo and Backström, a graphic designer, illustrator and founder of the Helsinki's Erikoisdance label.

“The hype sticker… wasn’t that the annoying little thing on the outside wrapping of records or CDs?” asks Pop-Kultur. “The hype sticker always led a marginal existence – and then all but completely disappeared with music’s digitisation. But in the course of the current vinyl revival, it has made a comeback and now looks better than ever.”

The exhibition will run from 24–26 August, with the panel debate taking place on 24 August at 8pm.

Rodney P and London Posse to headline DMC World DJ Championship finals

3 jours 14 heures ago

Reunited UK hiphop veterans head bill of annual DJ competition final

DMC have confirmed London Posse as headline act for this year’s World DJ Championships Final. The group, featuring Rodney P, Bionic, DJ Biznizz and Sipho, formed in 1986; their 1990 debut album Gangster Chronicle is widely considered a landmark in UK hiphop. The Posse reformed earlier this year for a series of shows to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut single London Posse/My Beatbox Reggae Style (Big Life).

The line-up for the final will also include a live tribute to recently passed DJ Daredevil (aka Ben Smith) by a turntablist supergroup comprised of Prime Cuts, DJ Woody and Matman.

The final will be held at Koko, London on 1 October

Asparagus Piss Raindrop to publish book of scores

3 jours 18 heures ago

The crypto conceptual science fiction band founded by Fritz Welch and Neil Davidson reveal their slug reproduction methods to the world

A self-titled book of Asparagus Piss Raindrop scores and documents will be published this month. Founded back in 2012 by Fritz Welch and Neil Davidson, Asparagus Piss Raindrop describe themselves as “a crypto conceptual science fiction anti climax band”, with many of their members coming from Glasgow's free music scene. They draw inspiration from children’s games, group therapy, shapeshifting, geology, gender theory, and more, with previous works including a six person-plus roller disco with amplified rink titled “It’s Called Discharge”; “The Scented Jackhammer (Journey)”, which teaches participants how to travel underground using their sense of smell; and “Trans Poncho In Posse”, a three hour collaborative composition built around “slug reproduction”. The band’s ever-expanding membership includes Welch and Davidson, plus Liene Rozite, Julia Scott, Stuart Arnot, John Cromar, Tuukka Asplund, Annie Crabtree, Catherine Robb, Paige Martin, Lea Cummings, Armin Sturm, Penny Chivas, Anna McLaughlan, Lucy Duncombe, Sue Fitzpatrick, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Nickolaus Typaldos, Zerek Kempf, Uschi Luz, Rhodri Davies, Jennifer Walsh, Sharon Gal and many others.

This first edition will not be the final shape of the book, however. Publication Studio Glasgow promise that new editions will be published as and when the outfit produce new works.

Taking place at CCA Glasgow on 25 August, Asparagus Piss Raindrop’s book launch will feature readings and performances from Liene Rozite, Fritz Welch, Julia Letitia Scott and Neil Davidson. It's free to attend but you need to book your place here.

Berlin Solidarity event supporting Budapest’s Auróra Cultural Centre

4 jours 16 heures ago

In June police subjected Auróra to an 18 hour raid, forcing it to close two bars

A solidarity event has been organised in Berlin to raise international awareness of Auróra cultural centre in Budapest’s eighth district, now its existence is under threat following an 18 hour police raid. On 20 August, ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin will present an evening of films and discussion about the current situation of Auróra in the broader context of Hungarian politics.

Auróra is not only a significant hub for music and art, it’s home to organisations advocating the rights of marginalised groups such as Roma, LGBTQI, sex workers, the homeless, and people with substance abuse problems. Founded in 2014 by the Jewish organisation Marom, it is also home to the Jewish community Dor Hadash.

The police raid instigated by local government resulted in the arrest of two visitors for possession of personal use quantities of marijuana. The mayor of the eighth district subsequently revoked Auróra's trade license, eliminating 80 per cent of its revenue from selling food and drink.

“The whole story of Auróra perfectly fits to the political trends in Hungary, where the far right is continuously strengthening, hatefulness is the essential part of the government's communication and the prime minister states that liberal democracy must be transitioned to illiberal democracy (whatever that means),” reads a statement posted on Auróra’s website. “Recently, Auróra has taken a strong stand against the Hungarian government's legislative efforts to impede the work of the internationally renowned Central European University (CEU), foreign agent laws against internationally connected NGOs and the anti-Semitic campaigns against CEU initiator and supporter George Soros.”

Auróra was featured in Nikolaus Gerszewski’s Global Ear report from Budapest in The Wire 380. Subscribers can read it at Exact Editions.

The centre is still operating but it's asking for support to maintain activities and help fund its legal action to regain its trade license. The ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics’ solidarity event in Berlin is free but donations are welcome. Alternatively you can donate via their support page.

Mazen Kerbaj inks new graphic novel Beirut Won't Cry

4 jours 18 heures ago

The Lebanese painter and musician's book chronicles life during wartime in 2006

Mazen Kerbaj's new graphic novel-cum-diary recounts his experiences in Lebanon during the Israeli bombing raids of 2006. Called Beirut Won’t Cry, it’s compiled from his drawings, comics and writings of the time. “Mazen knows that he is what we in the West refer to as 'the other', those whom we do not mourn and scarcely consider," writes graphic novelist Joe Sacco in his introduction. "And if he seems, on closer inspection, more 'like us' (he is, after all, a highly caffeinated, whiskey-drinking experimental musician from the cosmopolitan bubble that exists in a certain part of Beirut) and thus worthy of empathy, he might bristle at a further mischaracterisation. Mazen, his family, his friends, his son and his lover are neither 'the other' nor 'like us' – they are themselves and it is by virtue of their naked, vulnerable, individual humanity that they deserve our rapt attention.”

Beirut Won’t Cry is written in English, French and Arabic. Its book launch takes place at Papercup, Beirut, on 23 August but you can pre-order it via Fantagraphics.

Site-specific concert series in Berlin churches continues

4 jours 18 heures ago

Shows feature Pan Daijing, Valerio Tricoli & Werner Dafeldecker, Ellen Fullman, Charlemagne Palestine and others

Berlin promoter Manuela Benetton will continue her series of site-specific church events with three concerts in autumn. This run begins at Berlin's Elisabethkirche on 16 September with the premiere of a new collaborative work called The Speaker, a composition for spoken word, electronics, field recordings and string instruments created by Pan Daijing, Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker. Argentinian composer Beatriz Ferreyra will open the concert.

On 7 October Ellen Fullman performs on her Long String Instrument at Villa Elisabeth, formerly Elisabethkirche’s parish hall, which opened in 1907. She will be joined by Jörg Hiller aka Konrad Sprenger on computer-controlled multichannel guitar. Finally, on 7 November Charlemagne Palestine will play the organ at Sophienkirche, with a vocal and synth performance by Stine Janvin completing the bill.

You can listen to an excerpt from The Speaker below. More information can be found via Facebook.

Edited on 18 August 2017: The article originally stated that these three shows would mark the end of Benetton's series. However she has since decided not to end the series. Details of future events yet to be confirmed

Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar share a ten day residency at Islington Mill

5 jours 15 heures ago

This is 808 State member Massey’s and Konstrukt founder Çağlar’s second live-in collaboration

Manchester’s Graham Massey (Biting Tongues/808 State) and Istanbul's Umut Çağlar (Konstrukt) will take up a ten day Samarbeta Music residency at Salford’s Islington Mill. Running from 22 August–1 September, this is their second collaboration since 2015, when they also worked with saxophonist David McLean. That meeting resulted in the album Live At Islington Mill, released by the Austin label Astral Spirits.

Samarbeta say they hope the duo’s renewed meeting of minds will create “a mash of past and present, techno and jazz, DJ and producer and Istanbul vs Manchester”. In the same spirit, last year the Mill presented Toolshed Vs Konstrukt, featuring Massey's 28 piece big band and Çağlar's free music group, who since their inception in 2008 have also performed with Peter Brötzmann, Marshall Allen and Evan Parker.

The plan is for the duo to record an album during their residency, which will close with a live performance in Manchester on 1 September. You can keep up to date with developments at Samarbeta's website.

Krakow’s Sacrum Profanum festival opens next month

5 jours 18 heures ago

Now running over six days, this year's festival pays tribute to Moondog and Julius Eastman

This year's Sacrum Profanum line-up includes Aaron Turner, Aidan Baker, Alvin Lucier, Apartment House, Arditti Quartet, Eliane Radigue, Jennifer Walshe, Lubomyr Melnyk, Oren Ambarchi, Raphael Roginski and more. The six day event also pays tribute to the works of Moondog and Julius Eastman through a series of special concerts scattered throughout the programme.

These include guitarist Roginski, Natalia Przybysz and Širom playing Moondog’s “Maybe”, “Paris” and “All Is Loneliness”, among other works; The SEM Ensemble conducted by Petr Kotik and Joseph Kubera on piano performing Eastman’s Macle, Joy Boy, Our Father and John Cage's Song Books I; Quiet Music Ensemble will be presenting Polish premieres of David Toop’s Night Leaves Breathing, Alvin Lucier’s Shadow Lines, Rishin Singh’s Zamówieniem, Jennifer Walshe’s Dordán and An Ghléacht, and Pauline Oliveros’s The Mystery Beyond Matter; and Africa Express will perform Terry Riley's In C.

“This year during Sacrum Profanum, everything is important: from its dense, internally linked, aesthetically diversified programme, through a multitude of venues scattered around Nowa Huta, Kazimierz, Podgórze and Ludwinów, up to its intensified formula,” says the festival’s curator Krzysztof Pietraszewski. “The festival is shorter – it lasts six days, but it offers twice as many concerts compared to the previous year. The opening day and the weekend days abound with four concerts each, and two concerts are planned for every other day. In total, the programme offers 20 concerts for all those who are in for intensity and the festival celebration. If you ever lost track reading a longer column or lost your temper in the third season of Twin Peaks, just take the challenge and go to a few hours-long meditational gig, listen to an hour-long minimalist composition. Test your perception! Do you prefer shorter forms? Do not miss the almost singing opening and a musical tribute to Moondog.”

Tickets cost 250zł. More information can be found at their website.

Black Quantum Futurism at The Serpentine

5 jours 19 heures ago

This Friday Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips present Project: Time Capsule at Park Nights 2017

Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother and Rasheedah Phillips's interdisciplinary project Black Quantum Futurism Collective will take over Park Night at London Hyde Park’s The Serpentine on 18 August. Exploring the intersection of futurism, creative media, DIY aesthetics and activism in marginalised communities Ayewa and Phillips, of The AfroFuturist Affair and Metropolarity, will perform Project: Time Capsule, a reading and experimental electronics piece that combines “science fiction realities with African diasporic concepts of time and ritual, offering ways to escape oppressive constructs of linear time”.

“Beneath several housing projects and housing estates across America and Europe, several mysterious time capsules have been unearthed,” states The Serpentine gallery. “These time capsules appear to be quantum in nature, displaying the features of retrocausality and entanglement, opening up its contents to influences from both the future(s) and the past(s).”

“Our work,” explain the collective, “focuses on recovery, collection and preservation of communal memories, histories and stories. Through the work of BQF Collective and its collaborators, we are in the process of developing and enacting a new spatio-temporal consciousness.”

The event will take place at 8pm on 18 August. Tickets cost £5.

Confronting environmental crisis through sound at Cafe Oto

6 jours 14 heures ago

This Sunday at the London-based venue, Amplification / Annihilation: In Sonic Defiance Of Extinction will focus on ways in which music and sound can engage with ecological crisis

Cafe Oto is to host an experimental audio-visual broadcast around current themes of environmental damage. Bringing in a variety of sonic material, including field recordings, data sonification, songs, experimental music, short films and poetry, the evening will run in the style of a radio transmission. It will feature artists Leah Barclay, Robin Buckley, Kate Carr, Minerva Cuevas, Graciela Muñoz Farida, Anja Kanngieser & Polly Stanton, Andrea Polli, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, and Ziibiwan, with more to be confirmed.

“While 'nature' has been always been a theme and component of music and sound art, it seems that these fields are increasingly engaging with the current ecological crisis in more pointed ways,” explain the organisers behind the event, who are Anja Kanngieser, Paul Rekret and The Wire contributor Rory Gibb. “Given that this is the case, can ecological collapse be sonically represented, or it does it just become the fetishisation of mass extinction?” They ask. “Is there a meaningful place for music and sound in environmental advocacy? Can sound artists and musicians intervene in environmental crises that hit poor communities and communities of colour hardest? We're interested in pulling together work that responds to these questions implicitly or explicitly.”

Amplification / Annihilation will take place on 20 August at 7.30pm. Entry is free. Listen to political geographer and sound artist Anja Kanngieser and composer and sound artist Daniel Jenatsch discuss climate, capitalism and crisis on Paul Rekret's Beholder Halfway show on Resonance FM.

Bishop brothers, Chris Corsano and Michael Flower form new quartet

6 jours 19 heures ago

Thirty Three Thirty Three present the debut performance of Clandestine Quartet this September with support from Senyawa

Thirty Three Thirty Three will host the premiere performance from Clandestine Quartet on 15 September. The newly formed group includes Alan and Sir Richard Bishop of Sun City Girls – who disbanded in 2007 following the death of drummer Charles Gocher and who now perform as Alvarius B and Rangda respectively – with Chris Corsano and Vibracathedral Orchestra's Mick Flower.

“Together, they’re hiding away for a week in a studio to write a completely new set of material. And what will it sound like? Who knows,” say the promoters. “Perhaps the Bishops have found kindred spirits in the form of Flower-Corsano. Or perhaps they’ve just found two new figures to spar with.”

The evening will also have a performance from Jogjakarta duo Senyawa (Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi).

The event will take place at St John at Hackney church on 15 September, 8pm. It will be streamed by Boiler Room. Tickets are available now.

New sound installation by Richard Skelton on the Isle of Skye

1 semaine ago

Installed in a boathouse, his new work opens on 7 September

A new sound installation by Richard Skelton called Eilean Fuinn will open next month at Scorrybreac Boathouse, Portree, on the Isle of Skye. Commissioned by ATLAS Arts, a contemporary arts production and commissioning body based on the Inner Hebrides island, his piece is part of the year-long project A Work for the North Atlantic exploring singing and the sea. So far the project has included Bethan Huws’s film Singing For The Sea (1993) and school workshops run in collaboration with Aldeburgh Music.

A work of long-duration repetition comprised of four audio channels, Skelton’s Eilean Fuinn was inspired by Huws's work. His installation incorporates four musicians performing traditional songs related to the sea. These are “Cumha Na Cloinne” (“Lament For The Children”) played by Decker Forrest on Highland bagpipes; “Oran Manitoba” by Hector MacInnes on accordion; “Em Tog Orm Mo Phìob” (“Bring Me My Pipes”) and “Am Iomramh Eadar Il’ A’s Uist” (“Rowing From Islay To Uist”) by Ronan Martin on fiddle; and “Braes Of Lochiel” by Frances Wilkins on concertina.

The project, says Skelton, gave him “the rare opportunity to immerse myself in the island culture of Skye, to experience something of its spectacular geography, its natural history, and its musical tradition”. He adds that “working with local musicians, and with the landscape itself, has been a memorable experience”.

The title Eilean Fuinn was inspired by the word fonn, which has multiple meanings including ‘land, earth, plain’ and ‘air, tune, music’.

Eilean Fuinn will be on display from 10am–5pm, Wednesday to Sunday, between 7–23 September 2017. Entry is free.

Ten CD box set compiled by Ratskin Records in response to violence in US

1 semaine ago

Money raised by the compilation will be divided between Black Lives Matters national chapter bail fund and San Francisco’s St James Infirmary

Oakland, California label Ratskin Records have released a 12 hour benefit compilation designed as a “direct response to the rapidly worsening, violent, political and philosophical conditions in our current state”. Released earlier this month, Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse, is available in digital and physical formats, and all proceeds will be split between Black Lives Matter national chapter bail fund and St James Infirmary in San Francisco.

In its physical format, Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse is a ten CD box set accompanied by a 16-page booklet of sleevenotes and writings, photograph and full colour limited edition print, plus download code. The digital version will include scans of all the media.

Taking part are an international selection of producers, sound artists and bands spanning the fields of noise, electro, trap, electronics, industrial, metal, musique concrete, field recordings and more. Further, the vast majority of tracks were produced specially for the release. On the set’s Bandcamp page, Ratskin Records declare: “This document serves both as a vast (yet obviously incomplete) document of contemporary and modern artists pushing the limits of esoteric, political, radical and lucid strategies of sound, space and resistance, as well as strives to create a dialogue around creating an alternative nexus of artist and musician solidarity through models bridging the gap between artistic documents and radical modes of resistance, fundraising, networking and solidarity.”

Among the artists making up its 184 track listing are Wolf Eyes, Negativland, Moor Mother, Black Spirituals, Clipping, Dj Spooky, Daniel Menche, Sun Araw Trio, Jim Haynes, Headboggle, Gerritt Wittmer, Kid606, Xiu Xiu, Drew Mcdowall, and many more.

Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse is limited to an edition of 300 signed and numbered physical copies. A set of preorder copies were also signed and numbered, and included extra content such as a ‘self defense weapon’, a pin set and five additional prints. The cover art is designed by Los Angeles based artist Lexx Valdez.

Note: this article was edited 14 August 2017. It originally stated that part of the money raised from the compilation would go towards the relief fund for victims of the Ghost Ship arts space fire. However they are no longer accepting donations. Details of a replacement charity are yet to be confirmed

Hyperlocal festival to take place in London and Buenos Aires

1 semaine 3 jours ago

The joint location festival will run on 17 September at Cafe Oto, and on 25 November at Xirgu Espacio Untref, Atom Sound Art Space and Cuarto Apostol

Hyperlocal's 2017 edition will be split between Dalston in London’s East End and
San Telmo in Buenos Aires. It kicks off with performances on 16 September at Cafe Oto and its project space, and the evening will end with an afterparty at a venue yet to be confirmed. The event will then transfer across the Atlantic on 25 November to three venues in Buenos Aires: Xirgu Espacio Untref, Atom Sound Art Space and Cuarto Apostol.

“One headspace for +12 hours conducted in two cities. It is a lasting connection of
opposite hemispheres from local Argentine and South American landcapes
to the UK/EU and beyond, fighting against the impracticality of distance and resources to expose, extend and share,” states the festival.

Artists lined up for London include online performances from Albobabez and Yearning Kru, and live ones from The Bomber Jackers, DJ Save The NHS, Farai, Lolina and others. The Buenos Aires bill includes more online performances from Albobabez and Yearning Kru, plus Aylu, DJ Bli Bli, Ines Navarro, Nicolas Freeman, DJ Bruta, Vluba, Yoto, with more tbc.

Adult Swim to release DOOM's The Missing Notebook Rhymes track by track

1 semaine 3 jours ago

15 DOOM tracks to be released at the rate of one a week

On 7 August Adult Swim received a folder from DOOM. Called The Missing Notebook Rhymes, it contains 15 tracks, each of them “considered a ‘notebook’ from a series consisting of music from his own upcoming albums as well as singles he is featured on”. One artist collaboration that is named is Jay Electronica, while another, the first track from an already released collection, is called "Negus", and it’s from the late Sean Price's then-forthcoming album Imperius Rex, released last week two years after the New York rapper’s death by Duck Down Records.

The track releases will continue over the next 14 weeks. You can hear them via Adult Swim.

The Ballad Of Shirley Collins documentary premieres in London in October

1 semaine 3 jours ago

The special film showing includes a Stewart Lee Q&A with the woman at the heart of England's folk revival during the 1960s and 70s

The Ballad Of Shirley Collins started life as a Kickstarter campaign by Burning Bridges & Fifth Column Films back in 2011. It tells the story of the English folk custodian who in the 1980s had to put her career on hold due to the development of a vocal chord disorder called dysphonia. It also looks at Collins's return to recording three decades later, marked by the release of her comeback album Lodestar in 2016. Directed by Rob Curry and Tim Plester (who released the feature-length documentary about Morris dancing called Way Of The Morris back in 2011), the film features archival footage from Collins's 1959 road trip around America's Deep South alongside her then-lover Alan Lomax, and it includes contributions from Stewart Lee, David Tibet, American folk artist Sam Amidon, the UK based Elle Osborn and Collins herself.

The Ballad Of Shirley Collins will premiere at London's Soho Curzon on 16 October. It will be followed by a post-film Q&A hosted by Stewart Lee, who wrote the sleevenotes for Lodestar.

Shirley Collins was the cover star of The Wire 393. Subscribers can read the article online via Exact Editions. You can also listen to a selection of ‘songs from the soil that speak direct to the heart’ selected by Collins for a Wire portal earlier this year.

Japanese quartet Saicobab to release debut album

1 semaine 4 jours ago

The improv project consisting of YoshimiO, Yoshida Daikiti, Motoyuki Hamamoto and Akita Goldman will release Sab Se Purani Bab in October 2017

This autumn Japanese quartet Saicobab will release their debut album. Formed in 2001 by OOIOO's YoshimiO and sitar player Yoshida Daikiti, the group now features bassist Akita Goldman and Motoyuki “Hama” Hamamoto on percussion and gamelan. Saicobab describe themselves as “spiraling grind core raga music”, taking influence from traditional Indian and Japanese musics, spirituality and ancient numerology, with the majority of recordings on the release recorded live and then manipulated during the editing process.

Sab Se Purani Bab will be released on CD and as a deluxe vinyl edition with 2 x LP in a gatefold jacket and metallic foiling, a free download card and a remix of “AWAWAW” by Cevdet Erek. First pre-orders can also get a limited colour vinyl edition. It will be released on Thrill Jockey 20 October. Pre order via Thrill Jockey's website.

Listen to “Bx Ax Bx” below:

Composer Ana-Maria Avram has died

2 semaines ago

The Romanian spectral composer, pianist and conductor was 55

Ana-Maria Avram died on 1 August. The Romanian composer, pianist and conductor affiliated with spectral music was a frequent collaborator with composer Iancu Dumitrescu, with whom she was married. Avram was the co-conductor of The Hyperion Ensemble and artistic director of the Spectrum XXI festival which she founded to showcase innovative Romanian music.

Born in 1961 in Bucharest, Romania, Avram studied composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest between 1980–85, and in 1992 she studied musical aesthetics at Sorbonne, Paris. In 1988 she joined The Hyperion Ensemble, the Bucharest based group specialising in contemporary composition and spectral music founded in 1976 by Dumitrescu. Avram composed around 130 works, including solo, chamber, orchestral, electronic and computer assisted music, and she released more than 25 collaborative albums with Dumitrescu on their label Edition Modern.

Avram explained the concept of spectralism to Philip Clark in The Wire 308: “Spectralism is not just a trend but a specific attitude towards sound,” she told Philip. “There isn’t one spectral approach, but many different viewpoints. Radulescu’s sound plasma, the music of the French spectralists and our music are often defined as post-spectral or hyperspectral: but above anything it is transformational music.”

In the same article she also expressed a love for the ambiguous nature of the old Moog synthesizer sound, adding that she and Dumitrescu tended to use old software “often abandoned by their creators, sometimes just to exploit one interesting little thing it can do well”.

Avram’s music has also been released by Electrecord, ReR Megacorp and other labels. The musicians she worked with include Kronos Quartet, l’Orchestre National de France, Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian National Orchestra, Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra, L’Orchestre de Chambre de Roumanie, Radio-France, CCMIX, Ars Nova Ensemble and Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique Bourges.

Seeds & Bridges return to Hull after a six year hiatus

2 semaines ago

Inspired by its status of UK City Of Culture 2017, Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law’s series sets about putting Hull “back on the explorative sound map of Europe”

Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law will bring their Seeds & Bridges sound art series back to Hull following a six year hiatus. With eight events planned for 2017’s city of culture starting in October and running until March 2018, the series sets out to “give the new audiences in the city for contemporary art a chance to experience unique sound focused events from both established and emerging artists working with sound in various ways”.

Held at Humber Street Gallery, all events are free. They include an in-depth conversation between Jez riley French and field recordist Chris Watson, a female-only workshop, performance events incorporating sound, noise and technology; installations, and more. Participating artists include Chris Watson, Hanna Tuulikki with Lucy Duncombe & Nerea Bello, Emily Richardson, Rachael Finney, Ryoko Akama, Dawn Scarfe, Katy Bentham, Embla Quickbeam, Collectress, Heather Ross, Holly Jarvis, Andrew Jarvis and Yorkshire Sound Network for Women, and of course Seeds & Bridges hosts Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law, with more to be confirmed.

Chris Watson in conversation with Jez riley French takes place on 5 October. More details to be announced soon.

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